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x note on TABS

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10 years ago
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I apologize for asking something that most of you probably discussed before, however I cannot seem to find a satisfying answer to how he x notes are really played. OK, it's a dead note that one would mutes in the rhythm of the other notes. But, the x doesn't indicate the location (normally indicated by a number) and the location I think is important. When I listen to the music and try to connect the TAB with what I hear, it almost seems that it is connected with the previous note making it shorter and then it would be in the same location. But of course, many x notes aren't on the same string as the previous note, so then where do you play it ? Thanks for any tips and info guys (and girls) !
BTW, I did not select my ikon (image)
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Hi Syd. Once I shared your concern regarding ghost notes. But it turns out that where you are fretting the ghost isn't terribly important. It is a percussion effect rather than a pitch. It seems to matter more which string(s) I use, with the D and G strings giving a more snare drum like sound (listen to Green Day's East Jesus Nowhere for an example). It depends on what sound you are after.

Lastly, be cautious of tabs on the internet. Don't take them too seriously as most are incorrect to some greater or lesser degree. And you want to give a song your sound/interpretation anyway, rather than completely mimicking someone else. Best of luck!
When playing a ghost “x” note try to have at least two fingers (apart from each other) on the same string. If you only have one finger on the string you run the risk of creating a harmonic.

It isn't necessary to move your hand away and you can use the same position of the previous note. Sometimes you can glide up or down to whatever your next note might be. Just be sure to have two fingers on the same string to avoid producing a harmonic.
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Sounds terribly complicated but really useful information.

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