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This is new to me...

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On my G&L I'm getting some “growl” and vibration that sounds as if it's coming off the frets on my E string. When I play the 8th fret on the E, It's very loud. Playing an open E with a little aggression gives off a growling sound that I can't figure out.

I've checked the neck, and everything looks straight and fine.

The strings are old, but I've always played with old strings on both basses and never heard this before.

Is this just a matter of the string going dead? Do frets go bad?

I'm a little concerned and confused because I've never heard this before.

Any ideas?
johnny [staff]
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do you still hear this growl when unplugged? maybe just a case of fret buzz?

frets can even go bad
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Yep, I hear it unplugged as well.
Old strings will tend to weaken over time and are able to develop kinks/bends/twists in them.
Cheap set of steel strings are usually tempered pretty hard, and the end result is fret damage.

Remove your E string or all of them and inspect your frets and strings for damage and wear.

Anybody experiencing excessive Growl in their basses - inspect your pick up height.

Example: I keep my strings set relatively low for my action. I adjust my pickups high as possible and as close to my strings without causing interference. This gives me the desired growl and low end out of that bass.

Each bass is unique in it's own way with electronics and pick up designs, but usually follow the same rules of sound.

Too much growl - lower your pick up height 'till you get your desired sound you are seeking.

In your instance IamMark - chances are you dealing with a bent/ kinked string or a worn out fret or both.

Worn out frets are usually repairable with using a fine file and a steady hand. Only do this if you feel you are a person who is mechanically inclined and possess the confidence in doing this procedure.
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A piss poor fret dress will ruin a guitar, get a pro to do it, by the time you've bought crowning files and an expensive engineers straight edge to get the neck straight for stoning you could have had a pro fret dress, action and intonation set up
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Thanks guys. I'll go in to town this week and pick up some new strings as my first troubleshoot. If that's not it, I will take it to a pro.

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