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Has anyone tried Rocksmith?

johnny [staff]
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10 years ago
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So has anyone yet tried the game rocksmith? It's like guitar hero or rock band, but can be played with a real guitar or a real bass. You plug in your bass or guitar into your PC, PS3 or XBOX 360 and play along a set of songs that are included in the game.

I have it for the xbox and it seems really cool except for a bit of input lag, but I've learned that it's because of HDMI cables and that I need to connect external speakers directly to the xbox.

I quite like the game and I think it's also a good learning tool. What's your opinion?
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i've got rocksmith on ps3, its very good and the technology now is breath taking to think you can plug your bass or guitar into your game console. But one draw back i have with it is, like guitar hero the tabs come down the tv screen but if your a novice player you loose your fret postition very quickly, but i surpose the more you play the more you know where you are on the fret board without looking. it is worth buying though.
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I bought a bass a few months ago, but didn't do much more than fiddle around with it now and then. I bought Rocksmith a couple weeks ago, and haven't done much of anything else ever since. I have it for the pc. No lag problems for me.
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i bought Rocksmith to learn the guitar and its great fun, the songs are a rippoff, $5 Australian compared to $3 US even tho aussie dollar is stronger,go figure.
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Verry easy to play with rocksmith Bass an regular guitar yes you lose verry fast the fred position but after a while it works quit well i played kings of leon use sombody on 98.256 point on the “bass”
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I have it on PC, started learning the guitar, but quickly realized I was better at bass so I play the game about 5 times a week, love it, great for learning bass tab.
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I have it on xbox360 also and as johnny says it has an input lag and it is so annoying,
it helps you learn songs and the notes come down like tab
and you can lose your place on the fretboard very easy especially when sliding in and out of notes, and ive been playing bass for 18 yrs.

It also tracks your progress, the better you play the more notes it sends down.

Might try guitar see how that is.
I have it for the XBox 360. Ive been a bass player for 18 years and was always a good player. This game has transformed me into a great player. If you cant play one note on guitar or bass, this game will teach you all the fundamentals to become a damn good player. It has games built into it like a form of tetris that teaches you proper sliding techniques, another that is a form of Space Invaders and you shoot the notes as they fall, and several other “games” that improve your abilities. Its the best teaching tool ever made period the end. Ive played in several bands over the past 15 years and speaking as a seasoned player, this game will make you great if your good and turn you into a guitar/bass player if you never learned a note in your life.
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this is a great tool for beginners like myself, it helps make the repetition of learning an instrument more fun. originally bought it for my guitar but recently got a bass and using for that now too. Really helps being able to play the songs on guitar and bass, helps learn the correlation between the two.
bought the rocksmith 2014 on amazon.ca bass was included in this one instead of dlc you have to shell more cash out for. no lag that i can tell love the lessions the guitarcade the new session mode might be well liked by more experienced musicians than me the song selection was wide genres so i didnt know many but many songs i didnt know progressed my skill farther only negative thing to say for now is tuning strings gets frustrating unless i calibrate the game every now and then and songs seem pricy but im canadian and im used to seeing everything cheaper in us dollars
one more thing chords are not really introduced well in rocksmith 2014 for bass it just gave me one in a song tab without explaining how to play it something id like to learn cause i tried ryhthm guitar to see chords being taught and proper finger placement was mentioned whereas bass it was just play this tab i assume certain fingers are usually used to fret certain strings?

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