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Lame forum

Posts: 98
10 years ago
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Seems this forum is pretty beat,, All the others are mostly BS and a lot of nothing too do with bass at all. Why so little activity here >>>
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 287
i have no idea.

the number of registered users is pretty good, the traffic the site is getting is fine… everyone is too shy?
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I'm here for tabs, as a good tab really helps when I learn a new song. Much slower for me if I have to learn it just by ear.

I'm not here for talking; in the words of Bauhaus: small talk stinks.

That said, of the several forums and tab sites I have looked at since the demise of BassMasta, this site has had the most friendly, most honest, most helpful, and least antagonistic members (i.e., most BassMasta-like) of any site I have found. When I have a question of technique, equipment, a tab I'd like to find, the users of this site have been helpful. (TalkBass is useful for equipment and technique questions as well.)

I don't need to know who your favorite bass player is or why you got into bass playing - it is unimportant trivia to me. I do appreciate people submitting good (correct notes, complete songs) tabs. That is why this site is in My Favorites, and why I visit it daily.
Posts: 98
@sid squshious Im a fairly new bass layer and still have many questions.. As far as tabs go this site tops them all. I found that other site forums are all BS and never helpful. Im addicted to my bass and want to know everything I can about playing it. I by no means am putting down this site, I'm on it 24/7 and glad I found it. It has been very helpful and would recommend it highly.

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