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Frustration about band members

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10 years ago
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Is there anyone else out there that gets heavily frustrated when the rest your band members don't do enough research when searching for new songs that they want to play?

Sometimes you will spend hours searching for TABS or sheet music until you find the one that is quite close to the original or spend hours notating the song from an audio track.

When you have it perfect and get to a rehearsal you realize that your version of a song on your part does not mesh very well with what the rest of the band is playing simply because they grabbed the first TAB they could find where the transcriber seemed to be tone deaf.

One example is where our rhythm guitarist wanted to do a cover of a local band and gave us each a copy of the track to go home and notate ourselves.
When we got to the rehearsal they were a semitone higher than the original and didn't hear that the chorus part based around the supertonic chord (II) and not back to the tonic (I).
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My story's a bit different.
Well,I have a band which is screamo/hardcore,our rhythm guitarist and I(bassist) both like the genre but the problem is that our drummer and lead guitarist likes shitty genre like ©rap,RnB,japanese songs, and one direction shit.

Another problem,our drummer feels so bossy, I hate band member like that so I decided to leave that trash band.

The worst part is the band name,they call themselves “Loving Sirens”.sounds so gay right?
TheDude [staff]
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The worst part is the band name,they call themselves "Loving Sirens".sounds so gay right?

now this is true.
Well I play in a number of bands. Ranging from metal, rock, jazz and even a symphonic orchestra.

I don't mind listening to the conductor on how to play certain sections because they didn't just study a life time to simply wave a stick around.

Whats really bad is when you have to work with an amateur band that think they know what they are doing but don't have a clue what the hell they are talking about and are too stubborn to listen to any advice.
Band drama is the Number one reason I have quit bands. Sadly its very hard to find a great group that can put its ego and BS at home and just go out and make magic!
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I think band member issues happens to everyone who plays or has ever played in a band. Never suffered the tabbing issue when I played in bands but had plenty in the past to deal with, sadly!
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My big issue was always with Drummers. Not so much ego clashes but found they would have a lot going on in their lives & couldn't give 100% to the band.
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Sadly I was never in a band so I've never had to put up with any of these issues!
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Bassists are always the nicest guys in the band!!
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hey Masked I feel your pain… I was beginning to think it was just me. songs are chosen and agreed upon. I am a drummer 1st and just learning the bass. so we all go out on our own to practice… I have prepared and learned the song, played it until I cant stand it any longer…then find bass tabs and try to get the basic riff learned. they show up and one, at least one guy is an octave off and someone else, always same thing where they learned a different song for whatever reason and now they are like all…hey lets play this song or this genre now…wtf happened to the song we picked a week ago…and then it starts all over again…so in about 6 months we can play about 50 songs. trouble is the 50 he plays is different then the 50 I play and the other guys so we really can only 5-10 songs depending on who you ask…the beat goes on…
Ell todo
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How about you nominate a chief for each song project? The chief chooses the tab makes the calls etc. everyone has a project song they are running and you have coordination regarding what each member is practicing at home.

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