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Was looking through eBay and came across the Aria Pro 11 bass as played by John Taylor, among others. There were only a handful on there and the prices were wildly varied. There was one in the U S for $2,500 and one in the U K for £500, both 1970s models. I remember them back in the 70s, a friend had one but because Aria started out making copies of the big names, and were Japanese, I never gave them a second glance. It turns out they were actually very high quality basses, with laminated through necks, quality Humbuckers and a dial giving different sounds. I'm keeping my eye open for a bargain from now on
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I had a six string (not a bass)pro II, nice guitar, played well, all was fine except that thing weighed a ton! it was solid mahogany or something and my shoulder ached after playing it.. I sold it on just because of that.
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The Ibanez Silver Series bass is the same story - very nice knock off of the Fender basses. I have a 1977 Silver Series jazz bass, my first real bass, and it is still one of my favorites. But it is bloody heavy!

The Aria with the neck-through construction would be a nicer bass, but even with a bolt-on neck, the Silver Series are good-sounding, good-playing basses.
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I've got a heavy bass so I'll give it a miss then

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