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Sound ??

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10 years ago
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I play an EBO as my primary bass. I'm a beginner and at the point where I want to find a particular sound. The sound I'm looking for is similar to JJ burnell. Are there strings that can help. I use round wound. I guess that's the norm. I have a second bass that is tuned drop D so I hear the difference in tuning but I cant nail that hard dirty deep sound I'm after
JJ Burnel played a Fender P with Rotosound strings. He also used a pick and played very close to the bridge. Rotosound strings do have their own particular sound so you may want to give them a try. I hope this helps. Tone is the ultimate beast every musician looks for. You'll find yours one day.
Posts: 98
Do they make rotosound strings for a short scale bass ? Actually my les paul is 34" so that would be considered full scale I guess
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JJ Burnel has a great sound (e.g. the No More Heroes and Black and White albums). Beyond type of bass, strings, and tunings used, there is also the matter of the type of bass head he used and his preferred settings. I don't think you will get to the Stranglers sound with just a P bass and RotoSound strings - though that is a start. Here's a link to a Wikipedia article about JJ Burnel and the equipment he used/uses:


I think you will have better luck getting the sound you want on your long scale (34") bass versus the short scale bass.
Best of luck!
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