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Clarification of earlier post

The Fender Deluxe P Bass Special I had asked about previously, is actually two basses in one. It has the body of a p-bass, the neck of a j-bass, with active electronics. It also has one set of p-bass pickups with one j bass pickup near the bridge. Thanks, Joe.

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Sorry - haven't played that bass, but it sounds very appealing. I have a Fender P bass and two J basses - a Fender and an old Ibanez Silver Series. I prefer the J bass neck to the P bass neck (in maple thank you), so I like that about this Deluxe P bass special. Getting both the P and J pickups could make for a really fun, versatile bass.

I would like to play one! Keep us posted if you get one. Cheers.
I most certainly will. thanks so much for your thought and input. Joe
Sounds good to me. I really like the Jazz bass. Necks feel really good to me, so I don't think you can go wrong there. Having a P body and mix of pickups will definitely give you good tone options too. All in all, good all around versatility. Nice feel with a mix of P or J style sounds. I'd own one.
Thanks for the reply. It does sound like a great match. I thought they were $650, but they must be growing in popularity since now they're $700, on Musicians Friend anyway. Thanks again.

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