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Has anyone played the Fender Deluxe P-bass with active electronics and the neck of a J-bass? I am considering buying one.

I'm just looking for some feedback, although I am aware that preferences vary. Just trying to get a general idea of its' quality and sound. Thanks so much, Joe from York Pa
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That's a tough call, they are both quality basses. I would go with the J-Bass if i had to choose but would be just as happy with the “P”. Honestly, go to a store that has both and spend some time with each. They are both excellent!

Tark, formerly from York PA…..
That's a great idea, bit this bass is a special bass combining the body of a pbass with the neck of a jbass, along with active electronics. You can go on Musicians Friend and look it up. It has a price of $650. Thanks so much for your input and thoughts. They do matter.

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