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Cabinet Setup

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10 years ago
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Would a combination of the Zoom B2 Effects Pedal (As Preamp) + Peavy M2600 (Power Amplifier) + Peavy Headliner 210 (As Cabinet) work for a decent setup?
I am on an extremely tight budget, and I own the pedal and my friend has come across the power amplifier in old storage, so all I would need is the cabinet.
Should I pursue this setup?
I think the amp and 2x10 cab would be a decent setup for home or a small gig. I would however, my personal reason's would do away with the Zoom B2 pedal. I own the BX1 and it's an ok thing to tinker with, but I would not add it to my gig.

I wished I had saved the 60+ bucks and put it towards another pedal or gear. Since the pedal is not a true bypass, with it being hooked up it muffles my true sound that I get from my bass, simply robs it!

As time pass's by, or when you are able to chip in some money towards gear. I feel it is better off to simply buy a pedal here and there and daisy chain them altogether(true bypass).

A bassist really don't need much for pedals when you think about it. Distortion / muff, chorus / flanger, and a wah. That's my set up when it comes to pedals and most of the time I run a natural bass sound, but then there are those certain songs that require such things as I've listed above.
Thanks for the reply. I'm very interested in audio technology, but I'm very ignorant about it as of now.
Would I need any type of preamp after eliminating the pedal from the setup, or could I just get a decent amount of sound from just those two items and my bass? The only reason I included the pedal was because I thought it was necessary.
A pre-amp is not needed at all. The amp head and 2x10 cab that you had mentioned is all that you need. A tube driven pre-amp is a nice thing to have for recording and such, but once you see the price tag on these things. You'll run away from it, unless you are holding a pocket full of cash and have nothing else to do with it

You can still run your Zoom B2 pedal through it if you want, no different than any other pedal hookup. Every bassist has their own preferences on equipment. I find it easier and more suitable to use multi pedals, instead of a multi board pedal. The problem I see with a multi pedal board is, even though they have attractive features. I find myself fiddling too much with the controls trying to find the right patch. Instead, I have my separate pedals, already dialed in and a click of a switch and I'm off and playing. I try to keep things simple as much as possible.
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I run a BOSS ME20 EFFECTS PADDLE its has a preamp I run a 400w cab I have control the volume it cranks!!

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