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Shopping for my second bass

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10 years ago
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Hey, this is a weird comparison to be making, but I was hoping someone could give me some input.

I'm in the market for a second bass, and I have it narrowed down to two choices: The Washburn Taurus T24 or The Warwick Pro Series Corvette Standard.

The first and most obvious difference is in the price, The Washburn being 500/600 dollars and the Warwick reaching 1,000…

So what's the general opinion on these two basses?
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I have not played either of these basses, and would encourage you to play them, if that is possible, to decide which is for you. That said, the neck-thru Washburn is more appealing to me. I did look into both, and it sounds like you might want to upgrade pickups on the Washburn - or maybe not! If you did, you'd still spend less than the Corvette costs.
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Warwick!!! It's a heavy bass but has a nice sound. Norwood from Fishbone plays on one. Check out some videos and you will get a good understanding of what a warwick is capable of…. But it's a big bass.
But ultimately it comes down to the tone you are looking for. The best way to find out is to play it if you haven't done so yet.
–get the Warwick!
Play every bass you can at a Music store when your doing research. How it feels and fits personaly is not to be underated! Some great basses may not “feel” right. You wont enjoy playing them. I would tend to go higher end when buying any bass. The better necks, electronics, wiring and pickups always are a better value in the long run. Just my 2 cents… Paul
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My first was a Fender Strat Bass. My second bass that I bought a GIBSON money maker two different worlds. Solid body deeper sound, but the stat funk making machine! Get to have both.
I hate my bass that I have. It's a TBC 5-string if anyone knows what brand that is……
When I finally have the money, I'm going to get myself a Ibanez Fieldy K5. That my friends is the most amazing bass I have ever heard.
I also happen to love the feel of an Ibanez.
But honestly its all up to you dude. Get what your heart and mind can both agree on.
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The Warwick seems nice I think that Adam Clayton of U2 uses a warwick occasionaly

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