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Best freeware music programs

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10 years ago
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I just got a new PC, after a few years of using a hand-me-down Mac. So what are the newest toys? I downloaded Audacity and AP guitar tuner, both highly useful, and a drum machine (HammerHead) that I like but am not in love with. I don't have an interface, so for now I'm not looking for recording stuff, but I'd still like to know whats good there also.

So anyway, what do you use?
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I haven't done any recording, but I use both Audacity and Goldwave to figure out and tab songs. Goldwave allows a free trial period, but is not freeware. It does a few things more easily than Audacity, and it has imported every song file format I have sent its way - unlike Audacity. I generally have to convert to WAV files to import into Audacity.
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So how does this Audacity & Goldwave work if you don't mind me asking?
johnny [staff]
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I like it for recording because it has multiple tracks and you can record one track while listening to other tracks. This is useful when you have each instrument on a separate track.
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They are for recording and/or editing digital sound. I use them to import and manipulate songs that have a bass line I want to learn. They allow me to slow down the song if needed (often helpful when the bass player shows off a bit) and to make the bass stand out from the rest of the mix.

I also use Audacity to get a digital version of a song or album from vinyl LPs.


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