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good rock/metal average difficulty basslines?

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12 years ago
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well i'm just average to “half-good” bassist i been playing for about a year, i'm self taugh and i wanted to hear options of good songs to learn. not so hard but no so easy. what would you recomend me??? thanks
KissyBoy [staff]
Posts: 42
Even though it's more pop than rock/metal, Gorillaz have really good basslines and they're pretty easy to hear most of the time. Some of them might be too easy to play maybe. However, they're very fun to play and you can really focus on your rhytm and correct technique (good fingering, avoiding accidental bending of the strings, etc.) Some good songs to play from Gorillaz: Dracula, Spitting Out The Demons, Sound Check (Gravity).

Another really cool band if you want basslines is Arctic Monkeys. A few songs: This House is a Circus, D is for Dangerous, Who The @$!# Are Arctic Monkeys, Still Take You Home
Also here are some random cool songs that i like playing which would be considered rock/metal and average in difficulty:
  • Black Sabbath - Solitude, Lord Of This World
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - Susie Q, Down on the Corner
  • Daft Punk - Around The World (not rock/metal, but it owns)
  • RHCP - Scar Tissue, Parallel Universe
  • Queens of the Stone Age - 3's & 7's, Tangled Up In Plaid, You've Got A Killer Scene There Man, If Only, Long Slow Goodbye
KissyBoy [staff]
Posts: 42
Nice ones. Also try playing some Judas Priest, they're cool!
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Seconding Arctic Monkeys, they're really fun to play and not too hard but not too easy. Currently I love playing John Frusciante - This Cold, really cool song I like it cause it also utilizes the higher notes from the bass, rly cool.
johnny [staff]
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Rage against the machine have some pretty sweet bass lines. I especially love “bullet in the head”.
purple haze by jimmie hendricks
killing in the name of
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1007
holy shit yea killing in the name of!
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Creep by Radiohead, Higher Ground by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Peace Sells by Megadeth, Locomotive by Guns and Roses, pretty much anything by Iron Maiden, and Amish Paradise by Wierd Al Yancovich
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1007
I completely agree. Especially with Iron Maiden, gotta love that steve harris gallop

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