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formatting in tabs

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10 years ago
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Johnny, Dude, here's a suggestion for the site: enable formatting (e.g. underline) in tabs. I just submitted a tab to this site in response to a tab request, and noticed that the underlining in my tab did not carry through. I use underlining in my tabs to distinguish two-digit frets from a twice-played single digit fret (11 is fret eleven, 11 is fret one played twice).
I find this useful.
Just a workaround for now… harking back to the old BBS days (an ancient precursor to the interwebs) when we wanted to underline w/o the ability to format, we would put an underscore before and after the word/number. So 11 underlined would be represented as _11_

Again, it is only a workaround.
johnny [staff]
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that's a good idea.. I'll add it

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