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Taking requests on jazz/funk/not-mainstream intermediate music

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10 years ago
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Hey everyone,
I'm here to tell, that I'm taking request on jazz, funk, almost anything non-mainstream, with few exception, where the bassline is worth transcribing. I'll be tabbing them. If you could vote up or down for the requests, I'd start tabbing the most voted songs. I'd be doing the request from ultimate-guitar, but there's mainly rock and metal, which I'm not really into.

Good luck to that. When I play jazz I prefer to read off notation rather than tabs.
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Hi, would really appreciate it if you could tab this jazz song by the following artist:

Title: Soulful Strut
Artist: Rocco Ventrella
I'd just like to say that, in most jazz charts and definitely all standards, basslines can be tweaked or improved and you're best off learnng by ear or buying a copy of the Real Book. Chords would be greatly appreciated, though.
why is Beiber the default?
ugh i didn't mean “improved” I meant “improvised”
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why is Beiber the default?

What do you mean, why? Why not?!

Seriously though, we use Bieber to encourage people to use custom avatars.

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