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10 persuasive essay topic ideas practical to write about


         Persuasion is very important in personal and professional life same as an write my essay fast. It plays a vital role especially when you want to persuade someone in any given capacity. You may find simple persuasion easy but when it comes to writing a persuasive essay things become tricky. It is only because you need to follow certain rules advised by the academics.

         If you know all those rules you can easily write an essay otherwise you might feel overwhelmed. The best way to cope up with such a problem is to ask a professional essay writer. You can go through different persuasive essay topics to get precise information then guidance from the academic writer. I remember when I started to write my essay I could not get enough ideas.

         The best way I adopted was to ask a professional writer to write paper for me to secure good grades. If you are also facing the same dilemma or simply do not have enough time then do not hesitate to get professional help. I am writing down some topic ideas. You can select one of these to write your essay.  

Ten persuasive essay topic ideas

Why should paparazzi culture be banned?

         This topic is very important in media studies where you need to highlight the hazards of paparazzi as it does not respect personal boundaries. You need to discuss various aspects of paparazzi and how it works around the world.

Celebrities breaking laws should have bigger penalties

         Every individual should be equal before the law but people idealize celebrities. Their wrongdoings can have long-term effects on society. In this essay, you need to discuss when celebrities break the law and why they must deal with harsh punishments.

Introduction of gym classes in schools to beat obesity

         Obesity is rising among teens in the United States. The topic is very important. In your essay discuss core reasons for obesity and how it can be prevented. You can propose different solutions like exercise.

Why do kids need personal space like adults?

         Parents often get confused while raising children and do not know what to do on certain occasions. In your essay discuss all the loopholes that parents face followed by remedies and providing personal space could be one of them same as writemyessayfast.

Merits and demerits of the jury system

         American legal system is very complex where it may take years to provide justice. The jury further slows this process, this topic is very important to go with.

Role of parents in sex education

         Teachers and parents have an important role to play in sex education to teens. In your essay discuss the necessity of safe sex and the hazards of teen pregnancies.

Lesbian parents and effects on children

         Adoption by lesbian and gay parents has created a new dilemma for children. They simply do not know how to behave in society. Discuss every aspect of the issue in your essay and how they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Ethics to prescribe drugs with potential side effects

         Doctors and medical practitioners need to be extra careful while prescribing drugs. Most people die due to an overdose of drugs that is why you need to discuss its disadvantages and how it can be stopped.

How can school bullying be stopped?

         Bullying can have negative consequences for a victim. No doubt that a bully does not serve society positively. In your essay, you need to adopt a balanced approach followed by a practical solution.

Effects of professional bodybuilding

         Bodybuilding has become a profession and it can promise a bright future too such as writemyessayfast.net. However, the use of unsupervised medication or steroids can have a negative impact on a user. The topic is very important so make sure to discuss how safe bodybuilding can be performed. 


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