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Let's speak about reports and how to write them.

We describe, analyze, and critique the research or only specific data in the report. The report's foundation is a summary of the tests carried out, surveys, and sometimes comparisons of alternative scenarios.

The whole content of report should be based solely on descriptions and analyses of true events. Reports may include future recommendations and projections, but both must have some foundation. A report is merely factual information, not an essay on any topic.

The report should be well-organized, with each section having its own subtitle. Reports featuring bulleted lists, tables, drawings, and diagrams are much appreciated.

Depending on the context and target audience, the report can be written in the first or third person. It's usually written in third person to convey the appearance that the outcomes are unaffected by the author's personal choices. Prefer simple grammar that also aids in the expression of an objective viewpoint: impersonal constructions, passive voice, etc.

Remember to keep all information concise and clear when drafting your report. Make sure you understand each phrase completely. Don't provide any information that you don't need. Make use of everyday words and phrases. Keep an eye on the length of your sentences; they shouldn't be overly long or complicated, with too many turns of phrase or explanations. In your paper, make sure to include conjunction words.

Brief plan of the report:

  • Introduction represent a concise summary of the entire content of the work done, the significance of the problem described, and the main point.
  • Main part contains the main issues, the purpose of research and methods of achieving the goals.
  • Conclusion summarizes the significance of the report, highlights the beneficial aspects, the likely prospects of the topic in question.

If you need to know how to write an observation report, you can read more here: https://studybay.com/blog/how-to-write-an-observation-report/.

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