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Draw a line between each fragment in the left column and one fragment in the right column to create a word.She was _____________ to experiencing headaches whenever her level of stress was high.Because of the fog, the pilot was unable to _____________ whether the lights up ahead were from a runway.Due to the abrupt resignation of the prime minister and more than half of his cabinet, the political situation in the country had become a _______________.The critic spoke _____________ about the limitations of recent attempts to understand Shakespeare through computer analysis.In private, the congresswoman seemed uncertain about how to address the budget crisis, but once the cameras were rolling she became more _____________.Unscramble each of the following words.Unscramble each of the following words.Cannot lacerate his Breast.Draw a line between each fragment in the left column and one fragment in the right column to create a word.Because they felt that the mayor had been dishonest, the city council addressed him with considerable _____________.Freedom of speech does not give citizens the _____________ to say anything they want to say in every possible situation.The _____________ on the gravestone indicated that Smith had been a prominent social activist in her day.After spending most of the day relaxing at the beach and drinking margaritas, the man was so _____________ with alcohol and sun he could barely find the way back to his hotel room.The stunt man took precautions so that he would not _____________ his skin when he leapt through the plate glass window.Unscramble each of the following words.Use the hints below as needed.Draw a line between words that have the same meaning.However, conciliate pertains to the reduction of unpleasantness arising from conflict, as when a person conciliates another person who has had to yield a point in an argument.Alleviate and assuage refer more generally to the reduction of pain or emotional distress in any situation, not just one in which there is conflict.Alleviate in particular suggests that the reduction of pain is partial or temporary, as when medicine is taken to alleviate the symptoms of an illness.Bryson and Rachel argued for almost ten minutes before David decided to add some conciliatory remarks to the conversation.Speaking cautiously, David managed to alleviate some of the tension that had arisen.However, he knew that he would have to speak to each of his friends separately in order to fully assuage their concerns.The adjectives garrulous and taciturn are antonyms.In other English words, the Latin root dignus more directly conveys a sense of worth, as in the words dignified and dignity. In addition, the word deign, which means to consider worthy, can also be traced to the same origin.The verb liberty comes from liber, the Latin word for freedom. There are several English words related to freedom that trace their origins to this Latin root.Examples include liberate and liberal. A libertine is a person who is largely free of morals.Fill in the blank in each sentence below with one of the words from the following list.You may have to change the grammatical form of each word in order for it to fit into a sentence.Larry was _____________ at the suggestion that he had not tried his hardest during the team’s last game.Juanita’s natural _____________ makes her a delightful addition to any dinner party.Once the cotton ball was completely _____________ with alcohol, I dabbed the wound carefully.He avoided skydiving because of the inherent _____________ of the activity.Although the chair of the meeting asked Krystal to be brief, she addressed us most _____________.He finds that a hot bath goes a long way toward _____________ the stress of a long day’s work.As a result of the accident, Jace had _____________ on both hands and forearms.One could not possibly read all of the _____________ at Arlington National Cemetery.Talking to Jini always tried my patience due to the _____________ of her comments about her family and friends.In the following sentences, note whether the underlined word is used correctly or not.After the waiter spilled a glass of water on him, Micah’s shirt was almost completely saturated.You always complain when things don’t go your way.The public expressed a great deal of alleviation over the judge’s mishandling of the case.The Secret Service agent was not at liberty to discuss her current activities.The bumblebee flew in a crooked path from flower to flower as if it were besotted with nectar.Because of the civil war, it is perilous to visit the country at the present time.Because he is so futile, it is difficult to get him to change his thinking.Draw a line between words that have the same meaning.All of the new words from Units 5 and 6 are hidden in this challenging puzzle.

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