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Here are a feast of mouthwatering facts around the subject of Expert Tax Barristers.

Some barristers specialise in international tax issues and undertake corporate and private client, and government advisory work. The advisory side of a tax barrister's practice can include giving opinion on tax aspects of “distressed M&A”, insolvency and restructuring. A tax barrister may assist global companies with the extension of their share plan arrangements into multiple jurisdictions. Most tax barristers are happy to advise and assist in the structuring of bespoke arrangements, or in the development structures for wider application. They advise lenders of all sizes, including banks, bridging finance houses and P2P lenders. Excellent time, project and people management skills are of paramount importance for tax barristers. Salary Sacrifice is something that a pensions specialist barrister can provide advice on.

An HMRC enquiry or investigation can have a serious effect on the operation of a business or on the life of an individual. It can take up time and resources and also have onerous financial and reputational implications It is entirely appropriate to say that the redistribution of both income and wealth within an economy is a reason for taxing. This happens when the government makes payments through a social security system to those in need. Some tax barristers have considerable expertise and experience in taking landlords and developers through the minefield of UK property taxation, into the safety of low risk tax efficient holding structures. Some barristers provide services that are called ‘non-contentious’. This means things like drafting legal documents, or giving specialist advice on a particular area of law. As you may be aware, the best Pensions Advice service can give advice in relation to their area of knowledge.

Domestic And EU Courts

A successful barrister is very balanced in their views and is someone who listens to and engages with those that instruct him. Tax barristers offer expert advice on tax issues in non-contentious cases such as VAT registration requirements and option to tax. Tax barristers litigate and advise in a wide variety of matters and disputes in which tax issues arise. Some tax barristers practise exclusively in all aspects of direct and indirect tax. This requires a thorough knowledge of other areas of the law including company, trust, contract, land, international and conflict of laws – all of which are frequently encountered in their practice. We tend to make investment decisions based purely on future expected return, the expected value, and tend to think about the tax consequences after the facts. Professional help by any Tax Barrister service will provide value for money.

Many tax barristers know how HMRC works, and their experience and expertise enables them to take control of an investigation and drive it forwards at a pace which suits the client. Some of the top UK tax barristers have advised governments, multinational enterprises, wealthy individuals, charities, celebrities, tax authorities and small medium and large businesses from all parts of the world on all areas of UK law and all aspects of double taxation and tax related human rights law. The role of a barrister is to “translate and structure their client's view of events into legal arguments and to make persuasive representations which obtain the best possible result for their client.” “Taxes should be simpler and fairer” is the common mantra of better off people and tax commentators. Lobbying revenue authorities on the formulation of tax legislation and guidelines is a matter that a barrister can be involved with. A Domicile Advice service will represent clients to determine the best fit for their needs.

The Ever-changing Landscape Of Taxation

Some tax barristers are authorised by the Bar Standards Board to do Public Access Work and litigation, which means that they can work directly with clients to deal with their tax affairs, and manage HMRC tax investigations on their behalf. A number of skilled barristers advise on both direct and indirect taxes whether they be taxes on income, capital, turnover or otherwise. UK tax barristers advise upon the tax-efficient structuring of transactions as well as more general tax planning for taxpayers ranging from large multinational companies and groups to private individuals and estates. Practised barristers help clients to make decisions by providing a careful and detailed analysis of the dispute and the possible liabilities. Prior to initiating litigation proceedings, we help clients to assess the cost and benefits of the action to be taken. Becoming deemed domiciled for UK tax purposes does not mean that a person has acquired an English (or other UK jurisdiction) domicile of choice under general law (although the length of residency may be indicative of such an intention). Advisory services such as Inheritance Tax Advice are a common sight today.

Some tax barristers who are experts in SDLT will be able to advise on First Time Buying. Accomplished tax specialists could act as advocates before all courts and tribunals in the UK. Tax law ‘floats’ above the general law and makes use of general legal concepts as well as tax specific ones. In applying a tax statute, one will often be looking at general law concepts that the tax statute makes use of. One can unearth additional details about Expert Tax Barristers in this page.

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