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How Many Types of Best Vacuum Cleaners are There on the Market?

Nowadays, many types of vacuum cleaners are designed to meet different user demands. Some work well for carpets or hardwood floors only, while others effectively vacuum both. Even some of them allow you to clean hard-to-reach corners. The best vacuum cleaners in the world can’t efficiently work in all these cases. So you need to learn the features and functions of each type to know which one is the best for you.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

You can easily buy this common vacuum cleaner at any local store or make an online purchase after reading the best vacuum cleaner reviews in TheKingLive.

You can choose a bagless upright vacuum cleaner or a bagged upright vacuum cleaner. Cordless upright vacuums aren’t as powerful as corded upright vacuums; the run time is also short.

The upright vacuum cleaner is a wise investment for a house with hard floors and carpets because you don’t have to buy two vacuums for different purposes.

The upright vacuum cleaner’s outstanding feature is its suction power. It’s powerful enough to help you perform heavy-duty cleaning tasks or clean and vacuum a large house. Besides, this vacuum cleaner allows you to tilt to control the speed and direction easily.

Plus, it allows you to adjust the different heights to move from room to room without turning off the machine to make changes.

This type of vacuum cleaner doesn’t come with all of the attachments and accessories, so you can’t reach some areas in your home like small nooks and crannies.

This model is heavy in exchange for strong suction power, so be sure that you are strong enough to control this type of vacuum cleaner.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

The general feature of a handheld vacuum cleaner is its small size. You can choose a cordless model to carry with you everywhere, but you might want to consider a corded handheld vacuum cleaner for more cleaning power.

I strongly recommend this model for picking up small messes and piles quickly. It efficiently works on different surfaces such as upholstery, floors, and furniture.

Most people buy a handheld vacuum to clean out their cars. In this case, you should purchase an extra car adapter for the best performance.

This is a great solution to replace your broom and dustpan, but it isn’t powerful enough to clean a whole large room.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Any canister vacuum cleaner is designed with a storage tank connected to the suction end through a long hose.

This type comes with different attachments and accessories so that you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas.

Although this vacuum cleaner is handy, it’s hard to store and manage.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This is the most lightweight model on this list because it’s slim. So, your teenagers who can’t handle an upright or canister vacuum can help you now.

How does the stick vacuum cleaner work?

This machine produces light suction power through a rotating brush to push and whisk dust and debris into a bag or canister.

Its low-profile heads allow you to maneuver around your furniture quickly. You should consider it for a house having many furnishings. Specifically, this model can help you handle small messes with light dust and dirt; especially, it works well on a neat house with several furnishings.

As you can guess, this unit isn’t strong enough to deal with a lot of mess like other best rated vacuum cleaners. Moreover, it can’t also provide your carpet with a deep clean. Finally, don’t expect a long battery life from a cordless stick vacuum.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The upright vacuum is powerful, but it’s hard to move around. Meanwhile, you can easily move a handheld vacuum that can’t provide you with strong cleaning suction power. The backpack vacuum cleaner has both of these benefits.

Though this machine doesn’t efficiently work on carpets, it’s really great for vacuuming on hardwood floors.

Carrying this vacuum on your back helps you navigate the stairs easily; even your hands are free to hold onto the banister for adding extra security. However, this also makes your back hotter and hotter; even it might cause you severe back pain. I don’t highly recommend this option for those who have back problems.

While wearing it on your back, you can accidentally bump this bulky machine into the walls, lamps, and tables. And it’s easier to use this model in large and open areas instead of small spaces.

Central Vacuum Cleaner

Instead of moving around your house with a heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner, the central vacuum cleaner allows you to clean around your house by pulling only the hose along with you.

What you have to do is only set up a powerful unit in your garage or basement. You will plug a hose into an electrical outlet in the wall when in use.

Dirt and dust are stored in a pretty big container, so you don’t have to empty it after every cleaning session.

You should invest in this vacuum for a large house with a lot of pet hair that is hard and time-consuming to deal with a regular vacuum cleaner.

However, this cleaning system costs you a large amount of money on installation because you need to hire a professional. I am sure that most homeowners can’t break the floors and walls in their house to add pipes, right?

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular thanks to their advanced technology. You can effortlessly buy a high-quality one from the best vacuum cleaner brands.

They are programmed to do everything alone without your supervision. They can avoid your furniture while cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

When the battery gets depleted, this bobot knows how to come back to itsits dock or charger by itself, so it always has enough cleaning power for operating.

Though this vacuum cleaner can’t handle large messes, it can easily go under your furniture.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

These types are not common because people just use them for huge spills or dirt.

They are very powerful; especially they come with a long cord that can wheel around to different jobs.

It’s a bit hard to store wet and dry vacuum cleaners because they are bulky and large.

Carpet Sweepers This type of vacuum cleaner isn’t popular as well, but it’s helpful in some certain cases. This model can easily remove debris from thick carpets.

This device doesn’t work on an electric source, so it doesn’t produce noise, disturbing members of your family. This is a big advantage that you can’t find in the best vacuum cleaners on the market because they usually use electricity for increasing cleaning power.

You need to empty the small collecting head of the sweeper regularly to pick up dirt and dust quickly and easily.

If you want to buy any vacuum cleaner type on this list, you can refer to the top 10 vacuum cleaners on this website.

TheKingLive provides readers with a lot of helpful information and knowledge about Amazon products, so you can quickly choose a high-quality product at a reasonable price here. You can believe in our posts because each uploaded article is based on hours of careful research and many tests.

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