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Different Strategies for a Perfect Literature Review - Guide 2022

Want to know how a perfect literature review is written?

If yes, keep reading below to find out some of the unique and different strategies that can help in writing a perfect literature review.

Students of the school, college as well as university level are assigned a number of different assignments specifically in their English and literature courses. Assignments that are mainly based on writing can effectively be written only if the student or the writer possesses effective writing skills. Students of even a small level of education are asked to write different types of essays to enhance their writing skills. In the smaller levels, students hesitate to write different types of essays mainly because they are not aware of the importance of effective writing skills. For example, a 6th grader used to tell her essay writer online to “write my essay for me”.

Every time he was assigned an essay writing assignment, he used to ask others, specifically his friends, to get his essays done. The reason behind this was that he was not aware of the purpose for which his instructor found these assignments. This act never helped him learn effective writing skills and, in the future, he was not even able to write an effective email to someone. This shows the importance of effective writing skills.

The writing skills that students learn from different essay writing assignments are used in the future in effectively writing different pieces of work such as research papers, literature reviews, academic papers, scholarly works, emails, letters, and even resumes or curriculum vitae. According to the professional writer of an essay writing service, effective writing skills are a key to communicate your ideas or viewpoints with others and make others understand you effectively and more easily.

This shows that effective writing skills are not just helpful to the students at school, college, or university level but also provide help to the students for the rest of their lives.

In addition to effective writing skills, there are a number of things that should be considered to effectively write different pieces of work.

For example, a good essay writer makes sure he perfectly and attractively writes his research papers, academic papers, literature reviews, or other such pieces of work. But as previously stated several things are required to be considered while writing these pieces of work. A literature review is one of those common pieces of work that students are required to write specifically at the university and college levels. For example, a major portion of the thesis which is required to be written for the final year project at the university level is a literature review.

The purpose of the literature review is works that are relevant to the work that is being carried out currently in the project. A literature review also aims to identify the gap between the current work and the previously done research works.

Strategies for writing a perfect literature review

Great effort is required to write a perfect and attractive literature review. This effort requires the use of several approaches and strategies that help in writing a perfect literature review. Mentioned below are some of the Strategies for writing a perfect literature review:

Before starting to identify different relevant literature, make sure to briefly provide details about what the topic or issue is. In addition, the brief introduction also provides the basic things that are necessary for the readers to know about the topic of the issue under discussion. The introduction and the necessary information of the topic or issue help the readers in creating a background knowledge of the topic under discussion and prepares them for the literature or sources to be discussed in the main body of the literature review.
In this initial information, also make your readers aware of the purpose of writing this literature review. This purpose will target the specific area within the wide field you have chosen to discuss in the literature review and will thus help readers in better understanding the literature review.
Before starting the main body of the literature review provides the background knowledge in a separate section. Background knowledge in every type of writing helps the reader bring himself for the main discussion as not all the readers possess a basic knowledge about the topic under discussion.
Search for relevant sources for the literature review. After gathering the relevant sources, gain some basic knowledge related to them to shortlist the sources that are essential and directly relevant to the topic under discussion.
Carefully evaluate and investigate the selected sources. In this careful evaluation investigation, the writer can think of the validity of the information included in the sources.
While discussing the different literature works make sure to identify the literature gap. The literature gap is the gap that exists between the current work and the previously done works. Literature gaps hold a significant value in a literature review therefore it should be carefully written.
In your literature review site, every single source you have used So that the work does not count as plagiarism.
For a perfectly written literature review use chronological order to discuss different sources.
Provide the necessary details of the sources that are included in the literature review such as the name of the original author and the date of publication of that source.
To assess a topic or issue in the literature review you might be required to compare or critique the different sources.

Mentioned above are some of the different strategies for writing a perfect literature review.

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