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Google explained the origin (and other curiosities) of the dino game offline

A hidden wink that often goes unnoticed in Google Chrome is the dinosaur game, which pops up when you try to visit a website while disconnected from the Internet. Or rather, when you go offline.

The game of dinosaur Chrome is as simple as an infinite runner that you have to make jump on cactus and get him to avoid obstacles. The controls are basic: space bar to jump (and to start the game), down arrow to crouch. The goal is to survive as long as humanly (or dinosauriously) possible, or at least until the Internet is up and running again.

And although the nice little bug is already four years old, only now Google pulbic├│ an interview with the developers who devised the game, explaining its origins.

Why the dinosaur theme? According to Chrome designer S├ębastien Gabriel, this is a game that dates back to “prehistoric times,” before the existence of ubiquitous Wi-Fi. While this will certainly be alien to the younger ones, others will remember that they could only connect in certain places: at home, at school, at work and in very few bars called internet cafes.

The initial designs of the dinosaur character were given the codename “Project Bolan”, which in turn is a reference to Marc Bolan, the late frontman of the glam rock band T-Rex of the 70s, a band that evidently takes its name from the tyrannosaurus rex.

Alan Bettes, Senior Visual Designer at Google, explained that the only restriction the team imposed was to keep the movement permanently. "At first we thought: \' What if I started with a little hedgehog kick? or does he roar to tell people he's alive?\' In the end, we decided on the basics of any good running game: running, crouching and jumping.

Other curiosities

The dino game was released in September 2014, but initially struggled to work on certain platforms, especially older Android devices. This required redrafting, which was completed in December of that year.C

Chrome Dino's numbers are pretty impressive, especially for something that's largely hidden. According to Edward Jung, Chrome UX engineer, it is played 270 million times per month, on both desktop and mobile.

Most “players” come from regions with expensive or unreliable data, such as India, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico.

You can play it without activating Airplane mode. You just have to open chrome://dino in your web browser, and after pressing the space bar you will enter “arcade mode” with full window environment.

The current version of the game celebrates its fourth birthday and is filled with colorful cakes, balloons and bonnets.

Just don't think you'll be able to beat it: it's set to end after 17 million years of play (about the time the T-rex was alive on earth).

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