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How to choose a topic for your essay correctly

Why is it important to choose the right topic for your essay

Choosing the right topic for your essay is the first stage in independent creative work. The topics of the essay are given by the teacher or are left to the student's choice (this is called an essay on a free topic).

The whole process of writing an essay depends on the chosen topic - the purpose of the work, structure, genre, style, form of narration, sources of information used by the author.

Classification of essays and their topics

The theme of an essay always depends on its type. The wording of the topic is determined by the genre of the text on https://domyessay.co/: for example, an essay-reasoning often presupposes a long topic with a specific question, and an essay-description can be titled briefly, for example, “View from the window”. Let us examine in detail the types of essays in different classifications.

Types of essays by genre

By genre, compositions can be divided into two broad categories: compositions of traditional genres and compositions of non-traditional genres.

In traditional genres, the following types of compositions are distinguished:

description - a listing of the characteristics of an object or phenomenon, the topic is the object itself or its specific side;

narration - a statement of the course of events, a story; the theme of the essay corresponds to the essence of the story;

reasoning - logical argumentation in accordance with the thesis put forward, the opinion of the author.

Examples of topics for writing reasoning: “What are life values?” or a phrase with the word “thoughts”, “reasoning”, “reflection”, etc. “Reflections on Eternal Friendship”.

Non-traditional genres of essays are often written in specialized classes with a linguistic or humanitarian profile and in specialized universities:

diary entry - a small chronological story in a literary and everyday style, conducted in the first person; the theme is the main text event or date;

publicistic article - information about a social and social phenomenon, news, as well as the author's reasoning about it; the topic is a current event;

an essay is a small essay with the author's who can write my essay for me personal impressions and thoughts, his personality is put in the first place in the text; the topic is formulated in the same way as in an essay-reasoning;

letter - a text for a specific addressee or a group of people, a conversation with an absent person, the subject is the content of the message;

advertising - a story about the advantages of an object or service in a short and captivating form, the subject of advertising is chosen as the topic.

For non-traditional genres of essay, the topic is often chosen by the student himself, since they involve more creativity and expression of his own point of view.

Types of essays by source

The essay is written based on the thoughts of the author, that is, this is a unique work, and not completely retelling information, as in the presentation or abstract.

Possible sources of information for essays:

personal experience;

literary text;

film, TV series, cartoon, piece of music, etc .;

a painting or a cycle of paintings, united by one theme, by the master;

several sources of information.

Important! It is recommended to use only the source in which the author is sure. If a quote is used, it must be accurate.

Types of essays by style

The theme of the essay influences not only what will be discussed, but also the style of the text. The following styles are distinguished:

Emotional compositions. Required for artistic description, impressions. Essays on paintings, fiction, films, etc. are similar. The task of the composition is to convey vivid images in words.

Works in documentary style. In this case, the severity of the presentation, the use of verified facts is necessary. The theme is determined by what the documentary is about.

Compositions in a scientific style. The text is similar in style to scientific articles . Theoretical and experimental knowledge is considered, conclusions are drawn. The subject of the essay is an object of scientific research or a field of knowledge.

Themes for emotionally imaginative essays are more often chosen by the authors, since even the very formulation of the topic already indicates the main idea of   the author. 

Topics for documentary-style essays are often chosen from a ready-made list. The specificity of the essay suggests that this phenomenon is studied at a minimum level and there are reliable sources with different opinions, from where the author can get information.

Topics for scientific essays are similar in their severity to documentary-style essays. The topic in such an essay should not be revealed creatively, but as logically and reasonably as possible.

Criteria for choosing a topic for the final essay

To choose the right topic for the final essay on the exam, answer the following questions:

Am I familiar with the material on the topic?

Is it interesting for me to write about this?

Do I understand the meaning and essence that will need to be revealed?

Do I know works of art (at least two) that I can cite as an example in my composition?

Do I have experience in composing essays on this topic?

Will I be able to put my thoughts on the topic within the prescribed volume and finish writing on time?

After you have chosen a topic, prepare to work on your essay:

Re-read the topic again, highlight the keywords in it.

Formulate the topic in the form of one or more questions.

Answer these questions in your mind, and write down some ideas in the form of notes.

Think of literary works that can be used as an illustration of answers and reasoning about this.

Make an essay plan

Important! If you plan in advance to choose a specific topic for do my paper prepare quotes from suitable sources, little-known facts that will prove your point of view, opinions of different experts on your topic.

How to write an essay on a free topic

Choose a free topic if you know it well and have something to say about it. The advantages of a free theme are no restrictions.

Essays on a free topic are written in the format of reasoning, description, narration. They are in all styles and genres.

Regardless of the form of an essay on a free topic, the standard structure is used:

introduction 1-1.5 pages;

main body 4-5 pages;

conclusion 1-1.5 pages.

The length may vary, but the sum of the introduction and conclusion should be one third of the length of the entire text.


The theme of the essay determines the purpose, style, genre and form of work. It is recommended to choose a topic in which the author understands, which is of interest to him.

Free themes are often found in non-traditional genres of essay (essay, essay in the form of a diary entry, etc.). It is recommended to choose such a topic when the author knows exactly what he wants to say, his thoughts are supported by arguments. he has a new perspective on the topic.

You can prepare in advance for an essay on a given topic (if you know what topic you want to write about) by selecting suitable sources and writing out quotations that can then be used in the text.

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