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Adding Strong Arguments in an Argumentative Essay – 2021 Guide

An argumentative essay employs reasoning and evidence rather than emotions to write my essay and take a definitive stance on an issue. It presents two sides of an argument and argues in favor of one. Writing the best essay is a skill that requires practice and patience without falling back on a custom essay. A proper introduction with a clear thesis statement and body backed by solid evidence coupled with a compelling conclusion certainly makes for the best argumentative essay.

Adding strong arguments to an argumentative essay is the recipe for its success. The million question lies in deciding how to argue argumentatively. Here are the tips that account for strong argumentation:

Choice of arguable topic

The topic should be such that it appeals, puzzles or interests you. The second that needs to be needful of is the purpose. All other points should be focused on a single purpose. The ideas should be crystal clear and to the essay writing service. The other point that strengthens the argumentation is the thesis statement. It should yield to antithesis and should not be broad. Extraneous information, personal pronouns, clichés, or generalization often lead to weak argumentation. So, in order to build solid argumentation, all the necessary ingredients should be kept in mind.

Furthermore, the argumentative essay should be planned in view of the audience whether they know the topic, oppose the point, or favor it. It has been observed that a essay writer do not significantly regard the audience because they do not know the targeted audience. Argumentative essays are built on concrete reasons backed by evidence. Reasons respond to the claim of the writer that why he/she thinks or opines that way. In order to concretize the claim, it should be backed by ample evidence. If you do want to know about the forms of evidence, it could be; anecdotes, cases, facts, authorities, textual evidence, and scenes.

Moreover, the best strategy that bolsters one's argument is to address the possible counter-arguments. The writer should anticipate what could be the possible challenges, questions, and objections. It is one of the techniques that one solidifies his argument by weakening the opposition's through reasons and evidence. The writer can accommodate, refute, or acknowledge the opposite arguments.

In addition, you can structure your argument in three ways:


It is also called the Aristotelian method where you state the argument, present your claim, and convince the reader of your point. This probably the easiest line of thinking is generally very popular. It is most successful in cases where the audience does not have much information about the topic or they do not put strong opposition.


This is yet another method where you present the argument, acknowledge the other side of the argument, and then build your argument to write my paper and convince the reader that your side s better than the other one. This is most suitable in a polarizing topic where you take the middle way.


In the Toulmin method of argumentation, you present your claim, state solid ground, and then prove the link between the ground and the writer's claim. It again suits the polarizing topic and here one side of the argument is presented.

Lastly, the argumentation is justified and strengthened by distilling big ideas into a small powerful narrative. A good writer structures his/her ideas in a way that not only seems compelling but also convincing and convincing power comes from reasons backed by solid evidence. One of the pluses of argumentative essays is that it makes one think and prolonged deliberation brings the best out of you therefore it is better to write yourself instead of requesting someone paper writing service. Repeated practice polishes writing skills along with broadening mental horizons.

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