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About No Motiv

No Motiv is an alternative rock and punk rock band from Oxnard, California signed to Vagrant Records. As of 2006, No Motiv were the 'oldest' Vagrant band, having been with Vagrant Records longer than any other artist on the Vagrant roster. The current No Motiv line up includes former bassist Roger Camero behind the drum kit. Camero never left the band, but rather moved to the drums when drummer Pat Pedraza left the band to join alternative rock band From Satellite. Their first album, Cynical, was distributed by Edge Records. Their second album Scarred is a collection of unreleased demos and remixes also released by Edge Records. No Motiv subsequently left Edge for unspecified reasons. The band is known for rarely, if ever, playing songs from these two albums at their live shows. The band had its greatest success with the 2004 release Daylight Breaking, which reached #36 on Billboard's Top Independent albums chart. During the past two years, No Motiv has played only two live shows. The first took place on June 11, 2006, at the Livery Theatre in Ventura, CA, as a benefit show for the closing of the venue, as well as a reunion of legendy sadcore band The Whereabouts. No Motiv most recently played an impromptu set in 2008 with Le Meu Le Purr at Billy O's in Ventura CA.