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About Local H

Local H is an American rock duo, formed by Scott Lucas (lead vocals, guitar, bass) and Joe Daniels (drums) in Zion, Illinois in 1987. Local H's 1996 album, As Good as Dead, includes the top 10 hit "Bound for the Floor". More recently the band (now with drummer Brian St. Clair) has received extensive critical acclaim. Author, rock critic and Rolling Stone contributor Greg Kot and the Chicago Tribune named the band its 2008 Chicago band of the year, calling them "as good a rock band as any to call Chicago home in the last decade." Online Metacritic calls Local H "rock’s greatest unknown two-man band" and says of their newest album, 12 Angry Months, "the ten year anniversary of Pack Up the Cats marks not some complacent CD reissue with bonus tracks, but rather a great new album that flips the bird to anyone who thought Local H was history along with their era."