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Dambuilders bass tablature - 1 bass tab

About Dambuilders

The Dambuilders was a band in the early 1990s Boston rock scene. The founding members - Dave Derby, Tryan George and Eric Masunaga - hail from Hawaii and had played in a number of bands (such as the Exactones) before moving to Boston in 1990. The band began as the Dambuilders in Hawaii in a three-piece and four-piece configuration. Early violin was provided by Debbie Fox. Subsequent to Debbie Fox's involvement, nearly all of their songs would feature electric violin tracks. Around 1992, the "classic lineup" consisted of Derby (bass and lead vocals); Masunaga (guitar); Kevin March (drums); and Joan Wasser (violin). Many of the bands early recordings were engineered by band-guitarist Eric Masunaga. Eric's studio, The White Room, was also an early home for engineer Darron Burke who worked alongside Eric.