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About Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid (commonly abbreviated as CBK) is a hardcore punk band from Winnipeg, Canada. Their name comes from a headline in a newspaper about hockey player, Mario Lemieux coming back to the NHL. The band was formed in 2002 by Andrew Neufeld and Jeremy Hiebert who were both members of the band Figure Four, which is currently on hiatus. They were joined by their friends Scott Wade and Kyle Profetta, but CBK was originally intended only to be a side project. Their initial popularity was mainly due to word of mouth within the metalcore/hardcore scene. The band released Turn It Around on Facedown Records in 2003 before moving to Smallman Records in Canada and Victory Records in the rest of the world the following year. In July 2004 Comeback Kid and Figure Four both performed at the 3 day indoor festival Hellfest held at the Rexplex in New Jersey. The played on day 2, Saturday the 24th of July. In February 2005 Comeback Kid released their second album, "Wake the Dead" . After some long tours, the band began recording their third album "Broadcasting..." in 2006. Vocalist Scott Wade parted ways with the band due to stress from touring shortly before the writing of "Broadcasting..." Guitarist Andrew Neufeld took vocal responsibilities after Scott's departure, with guitarist Casey Hjelmberg taking over for Neufeld. In 2007 bassist Kevin Call parted ways with the band. He was replaced by Matthew Keil. In 2008 A Cd/Dvd was released called "Through The Noise" Which is a line from the song "Industry Standards" off of "Broadcasting..." . The Canadian "Through The Noise" tour followed the release of Cd/Dvd. It featured Bands Bane, Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, Grave Maker, and Outbreak. The band then embarked on a world tour supporting "Through the Noise," visiting South-East Asia, South America, as well as participating in the Soundwave Festival in Australia in 2010. They recorded the follow-up to "Broadcasting" in March of 2010, according to the bands twitter, the album will have a guest appearance by "A Wilhelm Scream". The album will be titled "Symptoms And Cures".