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I knew there was a greatness about our Lon and now we know why
Twins? Lon 1 + Lon 2???
Great connection Lon! Very cool
so i played Trindad a total of 34 times today
man that was a fun day
imagie what the next one will be like.
The Appticaption is building
Eddie Money Returns with

Take Me Home Tonight

I know what my dad is consiting of now for the next couple hours

Thanks Lon
LoudLon [moderator]
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No problem, man. And now I think we've pretty much covered all of Eddie's most widely known stuff. Well, except Shakin' and Baby Hold On. But I'm going to focus on other stuff for now; I don't want to burn myself out on Eddie M.

I'll get to those two another time, unless someone beats me to it.
oh thats fine

still play trinidad everyday

that song will never get old on me
no Lon your the Eddie Money Tabber dude

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