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I've heard it before Twiggy! I've heard most of his albums, actually. He's awesome!
i personally thought magic of Nothing To Lose was a beautfiul song
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Listened to Two Tickets, yeah he's ok, good voice, but a bit middle of the road, a bit AOR, it sounded a bit like a Kiss song and I'll just say I'm not a fan of Kiss and leave it there
omg omg omg i just found and bought on offical eddie money t shirt from the can't hold back tour 86-87 omg omg omg omg omg im sooo excited.
i can't sit down lol
I gave some of his songs a listen over the weekend. Not normally my thing, but I did quite enjoy what I heard. Really like Trinidad, so thanks to this thread for making me aware of it.
And with Trinidad in mind I know Lon will do an awesome job with the tab!
I'm sure Lon will do a top job with the tab!
Had a listen to some songs & quite liked them, especially as it's not really something I would normally listen to. Always good to hear something different.
Everryone who loves music needs to know who he is because he is a rockin singer and a kick ass musician.
He tours alot in America as well
Loudlon kicked sooo much ass with the other three tabs. you bet the new ones when he gets a chance will kick serious ass

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