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Robert Trujillo is a terrible bassist compared the others

You are always welcome LoulLon, at least what you have to say is respectful to one & all.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Almost everybody here has been extremely cool with me, so I'm happy to return the favor. I am very capable of going ballistic, though, but luckily no one here has managed to push that particular button yet.
The reason people are cool with you & accept you is that you say what you have to say but with grace, respect & intelligence. I can't see a reason why anyone would want to push your button & I hope that never happens.
What the hell even happened between Marko and Mayhem?!
Marko & Mayhem - a love story made in misery! After a few verbal battles Marko posted a very personal attack on Mayhem which I responded to. Marko got reported & his post was removed, so was my reply to his post to balance out the thread. Marko in the end told us all to go f**k ourselves & waved us goodbye. That as you can see lasted a whole week & he has returned with 2 posts.
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bass freak, my knight in shining armour! I missed out on the whole Marko fallout with bass freak but he and everyone else backed me up which was really touching
It just happened to be you mayhem but had that verbal attack happened to anyone else I would have defended them too. Argue/discuss all things musical, that is what the forum is for but it's not here to personally attack an individual no matter how much they may wind you up.
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For what it's worth I probably did wind Marko up though that was never my intention towards him or anyone else. Words were said and eventually chaos followed. The rest as they say is history
Possibly you did mayhem, but it takes 2 to tango & all you were doing was trying to justify some of his comments which seemed baffling to you. We had a similar thing in the Soft Cell thread & Marko got personal in there.
If Marko was winding you up you never let it show, sadly he did & reacted badly.
Actually, if memory serves, at one point Les Claypool auditioned for them. Having him in the lineup would have been… interesting. To say the least.
True. They didn't have the same style, which led to Newsted Being Cliff's replacement.

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