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Can Sidsquishus reach 200 tabs before 2013 ends?

thanks, johnny.
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Sid always gives his best to the tabs. Congratulations!
Thanks, Hugorj.
Nice tab for Ceremony!
Posts: 210
Good job always!
Thanks bass freak, thanks Gerr. I thought I'd tab In A Lonely Place (the b side of the single) as I like it a lot, perhaps even more than Ceremony. Anyway, working on IALP as I have time. Due to work, that boils down to a couple of hour or two sessions on weekends for the most part. Slow going.
In A Lonely Place! Go for it Sid.
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Congrats on making your goal brother!!! I'll catch up soon
Good on you, Scooga. I appreciate the tabs you have already done, and wish you a good ear and great speed in your progress towards 200 tabs! Cheers.
So how many tabs are you going to complete this year Sid?

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