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Can Sidsquishus reach 200 tabs before 2013 ends?

bass freak
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Looking through who submits tabs to the site I have to say I'm very impressed by the amount of tabs done by Sidsquishus. So far he has reached 187, can he get to the magic number of 200 by the end of the year? I think he will with Months to spare.
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I hope yes
lol hell i will reach 200 by then how am i not impressive? in 2 days i have done 59 tabs.
I think slamingerrrrr will reach 200 before sunset tonight!

It's great that folks, slamingerrrr in particular, are submitting new tabs, and even better that they tabs songs requested by others.
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 258
lol hell i will reach 200 by then how am i not impressive? in 2 days i have done 59 tabs.
you're doing a damn good job.
thx i just picked up an old guitar last night, figured i would strum along and learn a bit. may help me along the way
looking back over it now i literally filled half the request page also i have enough pending tabs im about to take number 2. also top 5 in the forums. i'll be around working on a tab for dear jerry by the monks atm
Sid will do the 200 easy! At least all of his 187 tabs are tabbed by himself!
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Sid is the best!
yes sid is awesome bass freak im not sure if that was a poke at me you were trying to make or?
Let's end the popularity contest. Anybody contributing to this site in a helpful and friendly way is awesome.

Slamingerrrrr's contribution of tabbing requests, or finding and adding requested tabs (with credits to original author) even one's he doesn't like, is amazing, generous, and what tab sites are all about in the final analysis. I tip my hat to him. I'm glad he is here and helping folks find the tabs they are looking for.

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