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Can Sidsquishus reach 200 tabs before 2013 ends?

I'm not including Suzi Quatro's Can The Can in the tally as I did not tab it. The song was requested and it was not in our tab database. I knew there was a tab for it, so I brought it to this site (with credit to original tabber).

So aiming for a tally of 201. Cheers.
Nice admission Sid, here's to 201,
Will he reach 201 by the weekend?
No. Leaving in the morning for a funeral. Then helping with going through the house (cleaning, repairing) that the old woman lived in - which will likely be put up for sale. She was my wife's mum - ripe old age, it was time.
Another tab added, that 201 total draws ever closer!
Yes it does!
Sid's on 199!! One more to the magic 200!!
Just noticed that myself.
He's nearly there.
I'm working on Free by Grafitti6. Nice early R&B flavored bass line but not so easy to tab.

As I noted earlier, I'm aiming for 201 since one of the tabs in my list is not one I made (Suzi Quatro, Can the Can). I'm thinking that I'd like to tab a song that I particularly like for this; at the moment, I'm thinking that song will be Ceremony by New Order. Peter Hook's style, with high-on-the-neck riffs is pretty unique, and besides really liking the song, it would be interesting to tab something played that way.

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