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FAO Sid - Pistols debut album

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I'm pretty sure we're gonna have to improve the website sometime soon by somehow cleaning up tabs that aren't good in favor of those that are. Does anyone have any ideas how we should go about eliminating tabs that aren't so good and make the good ones default - i.e. so that the first version is always the best?

This is an issue on every tab site, and I don't think there is a quick, easy way to accomplish it. I'll try to get back to this thread when I have more time, but I did want to caution against the solution that is usually first proposed: keep the (4) 5 star tabs and discard the rest. A perfect, but unrated tab would be thrown out with this process.
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The ideal solution - to look through the tabs, individually checking each one - is too big a job. But tab ratings are the only other mechanism available to distinguish good tabs from bad. The best I have come up with is sort of the inverse of the ‘keep the best’ solution: discard poorly rated tabs.

My suggestion is that tabs with an average rating of 1 or 2 stars would be discarded. But I think it is important that these be averaged ratings - perhaps three (or more?) ratings (at least two) to get the average. (Imagine that a very good tab has been given a poor rating because someone was mad at the tabber for something posted in a forum. Discarding that tab would be a disservice to the entire community.)

Unrated tabs would not be discarded.

This would have to be an iterative process repeatedly deployed across time to weed out newly-rated, poor quality tabs.

This would work best if the Big Bass Tabs community would come back and rate the tabs they use, and maybe even put forward a bit of effort now and then to have a look at a tab that hasn't yet been rated.

That's the best I have come up with. Cheers.
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I've thought of another thing: If there was only one tab for a song, it would not be discarded even if poorly rated.

If there were multiple, poorly-rated tabs for a song, instead of discarding them all, keep the best-rated one.
johnny [staff]
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Agreed. Any sort of filtering would only be done for songs that have at least 2 tabs.
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Great work Sid!
Excellent tabs! Really enjoyed these.
Please rate tabs. Cheers!
Will do.
Good on you! Cheers.

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