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FAO Sid - Pistols debut album

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Sid, I see in the Duran Duran thread you mentioned you had tabbed the debut album by the Sex Pistols. Have you ever submitted that online? That would be one cool collection of songs to look at
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Good request Softcell62, but I didn't think the Pistols would be your thing!
Hi softcell62,
No, I have not submitted my Sex Pistols tabs. It seemed too redundant generally, as there are usually many tabs already posted. If there is a song you can't find from the Bollocks album, or can't find a tab you like, give a shout and I'll submit it.

I have submitted other tabs from the same era and genre, as I couldn't find tabs for the songs - bands such as X-Ray Spex, Penetration, The Vibrators, The Avengers….
Hi bassm99, I do like a bit of 70's classic New Wave/Punk & you can't get more classic than the Pistols.
Hi Sid, you are right there are lots of tabs for the songs dotted all over the place, I thought it might be a nice idea to have all the songs together submitted as an album. I've seen it done like that on other sites by various bands & thought that was a very cool thing to do. It was just a thought.
Hi Softcell62,

Yes, you are right - I have seen a few tabs of complete albums (things by the Clash and Sex Pistols come to mind). It might be interesting to submit the Bollocks album here - I'll give that a bit of thought.

When you look for a tab, do you search for a particular song or an album?

On another note: I watched the music video for Tainted Love the other evening - damn song is stuck in my head!

Hi Sid,

When I look for tabs it's by song, but every so often I have noticed a full album has been tabbed which I have found very interesting.
I just find it really impressive that someone could tab a complete album.

Ha ha ha, it all starts with Tainted Love, getting that song stuck in your head is so easy to do. That's how I became a fan!
Hey Softcell62, after pondering this for awhile, I finally ended up submitting my Sex Pistols tabs. I did that, despite there already being many tabs, because, IMO, many of the tabs of Pistols songs aren't very good - which is why I ended tabbing the songs for myself.

My favorite song from the album is God Save the Queen, for numerous reasons - not the least of which is that (IMO) it doesn't get any more punk than this song given the social context (1977 Britain and the Queen's 1977 jubilee). I think my tab of this song is worth looking at if you like the Pistols and punk.

Hey Sid, brilliant news! Looking forward to checking them out. I've seen many tabs with various degrees of accuracy. I think I speak for everyone on this site that we trust your tabs & judgement without question.
I think my fave track is Bodies, just love the lyrics & probably my first exposure to bad language used in a song, plus it's a great song.

Once again, thanks for the submission Sid!!
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Wow! look at all the Pistols tabs! Great work Sid, looking forward to checking them out.
Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's Sidsquishus!!
Thanks everyone for the compliments. I really did not expect these Sex Pistols tabs to cause much excitement; I'm glad that they have! Punk was my introduction to playing music and we covered more Pistols songs than the songs of any other band.

If you find any errors, please let me know!

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