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FAO Sid - Pistols debut album

Your welcome.
Well done bass freak.
No problem, always give good ratings to excellent tabs.
Pistols songs are always good fun to play even if I don't play them very well. I thought the tabs were excellent.
Thanks again for the compliments. Cheers all.
Love playing the Pistols - Their music & their basslines!
johnny [staff]
Posts: 714
The tabs are great. It's really cool that we have quality tabs for the whole album. I'm trying hard on doing the same with Mr. Big's lean into it, but I'm only one song in. It's really hard work so you have all my respects, sid!
Tabbing one song is hard enough let alone doing a whole album. Great work by Sid for tabbing this most brilliant of albums.
Good luck with tabbing the Mr. Big album Johnny, I'm sue you'll get there!
Probably the best debut Punk album of all time & we have the tabs for it right here!
I agree icehouse1, the best Punk album ever released!

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