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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

I listened to Too Late again and I think the phrase played for the intro, etc., is x-AA-AA—GG- with this repeated over and over. Try it and see what you think.

I tried this again, and I think Hugorj is right. I think it does stay on A, no drop to G.
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Sid I agree with you. Duran Duran's version is better.

News on Edge of America? I can't find the first bass note
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Edge of America is a poem in the form of music. Very good. Duran Duran has a fantastic repertoire.

Sid, you have a band?
For Edge, try F-A-F (an octave up) - D (E1, E5, D3, A5); then F-A-E-GD; then F-A.

Gerr, yes I have a band, but we are looking for a singer, drummer, keys, guitar, violin, and saxophone. And theremin.

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Cool. Nice lucky Sid
Just joking, Gerr. I'm not in a band; the reply was meant to show that I'm looking for every other instrument in a band except for bass - in a band of one person playing one instrument.
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Hello Sid, how are things?
I will test the edge of america later today!

I also play my bass alone! No time for the band now
About The Man Who Stole A Leopard:

Verse 1 is the G-D-Bb-C bit. The G#-G-C (sustained) -G#-Eb-G (sustained) bit is the first chorus. The bass cover guy throws in a couple Bb at the end of the two sustained bits for the transitions back. I like these and would keep them in a tab. So far in the song (verse 1 and first chorus) the bass line is played by keyboards.

Immediately following the first chorus, there is a fill based on the verse theme, and this is where the (stringed) bass comes in. I'm finding it hard to tell exactly what is being played, but this is how I have it:


(This is F hammer on G, C hammer on D, Bb hammer on C, and a Bb to drop back down into the verse.)

(I'm playing a 5 string in order to get the low D in the verse without having to tune the four string to drop D. In the bass cover, he played the D at A5, an octave up from the recording, which is fine, rather than tune to drop D. If I were playing it on a four string, I would use drop D tuning.)

Please see if this sounds right.
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My bass only has 4 strings ..
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I was confused at THE EDGE. Were similar some notes and other non. I'm playing until I find the perfect tab

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