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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

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Thanks Gerr!

Hugorj, what do your slashes between the numbers mean?
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Sid that is my mistake. Play without slashes.

I'm having trouble capturing the other parts
I'll try to help as soon as I can. Perhaps someone else can also help?
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Sid, You are the one who helps me
I hope to have some time this afternoon for this.

Also, have a look at YouTube for live performance of the song. It turns out what I thought was the bass coming at about 30 seconds is actually keyboards. John Taylor doesn't start playing his bass until around 2 1/2 minutes into the song. I would still tab the keyboard bass part so that I would have something to play during the first half of the song.
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Hi boys, how are you going?
Hi Mari7, would you care to have a go at tabbing Too Late Marlene?

I think Too Late Marlene starts in A (A–AA–AA) then drops to G (but I'm not sure about the G, sometimes it sounds more dissonant than it should).
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Hello Sid!! My tab was based on cover version. But John really starts to play after.

Mari, and I think that Too Late Marlene stay on A-AA-AA (only that). See the live version.
So Hugorj, I guess we need to decide what version of the song we are going to tab - Duran Duran's The Man Who Stole A Leopard or the bass cover of the song on YouTube. The bass cover version of Leopard is quite different from what Duran Duran plays, at least in the parts I have looked at so far. I think that if we tabbed the bass cover version, a person who takes that tab and tries to play along to the recorded version is going to be frustrated.

After the G-D-Bb-C phrase you tabbed above (which is actually the first verse, the intro has no bass part), Duran Duran plays G#-G-C-C-G#-Eb-G-G and goes through this twice. I don't know what the bass cover does, but it should reflect these notes at least in part.

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