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Band tattoos!

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12 months ago
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I got my first tattoo almost 3 weeks ago. It is The Birthday Massacre's bunny logo on the inside of my left upper arm. There's a pic of it on my twitter account if you wanna check it out. There are countless reasons as to why I decided to put their logo permanently on my body, but mainly to tell the world “Look, this is how much this band means to me.”

So, I'm curious. Do any of you have, or want a tattoo expressing your love and devotion to a band?
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Duran Duran
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Ill problably get the black flag bars eventually. They really helped me through a har time.
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About 14 years ago i got Motorheads snaggletooth from the Sacrifice album cover on my left forearm which is now part of a full sleeve
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I have the Chili Peppers logo on my right wrist
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Iron eagle from W.A.S.P. Album on left arm
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My Bts tatoo

Ezzo, DD tatoo of JT is a very good idea
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Mari7 wins.
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hahahaha Thanks IamMark. Beatles was my 1st love
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Oh God! Mari Mari…
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I have a Manic Street Preachers “Useless Generation” rose on my left arm, the opening lines to the Verve's “This is Music” on my chest over my heart and a Bob Marley lyric “None but ourselves can free our minds” running along my inner left arm

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