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Movies with best soundtracks!

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The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer has a good soundtrack, I'd never really noticed The Chemical Brothers, Let Forever Be until it was on that film, great song, great bassline although it was borrowed from the Beatles
rock and roll high school !!
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Grease. Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Footloose
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Yellow Submarine, Help, Let it Be, The Blues Brothers, The Wall,School Of Rock
The soundtrack to Anchorman was pretty great.
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007, Django, Pulp Fiction …
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I know I'm gonna get some crap for this, but I really like the Twilight soundtracks. They got a lot of alternative music on them.
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The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.
I'm in the process of tabbing the entire soundtrack.
if you have not heard it, its worth listening to

Accidents can happen
Pray for me
Courstey Call
Van Nuys

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