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The introductions thread!

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Hello, Sarah. Beautiful name, which is why we named our daughter Sarah.

Membership cards to the 40-something complacent bassists club will be coming in the mail. Keep an eye out for them.
5 string guy
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John Taylor, nice. Welcome to the fold Sarah. and welcome to you as well Ezzo.
5 string guy
Posts: 723
I suddenly feel like a baby…
How old are you Cliff?
Latex Sex
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Hi, i'm Christine. Into Latex, Sex & Bass and thats all you need to know.
LoudLon [moderator]
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That's actually maybe a little more than we need to know LOL

Welcome aboard.
Latex Sex
Posts: 108
Well the information is out there! At least you know!
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Welcome Christine. Probably the best introduction i've ever read
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welcome Christine. Are you able to pursue your three interests simultaneously? Cheers.
Latex Sex
Posts: 108
Glad you like the intro mayhem, it was written to shock, amuse & inform. Job done!
:| i see

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