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The introductions thread!

Yes, welcome Ezzo!
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Thanks for the welcome guys!
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Hi, I'm Sarah, 48 & a John Taylor fanatic.
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Hi Sarah, Welcome!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Welcome, Sarah. You'll find plenty of other JT fanatics here as well. Take a stroll on over to the Duran Duran thread and see for yourself.

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Thanks for the welcome Ezzo & LoudLon. I've had a look in the Duran Duran thread along with a lot of others. Looking forward to visiting often.
Welcome Sarah! Feel free to contribute, when you wish, to the Duran Duran thread. More thoughts, more tabbing, and more checking of tabs in progress is always helpful. Cheers.
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Hey, welcome Sarah!!
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Welcome to the forum Sarah
Hello Sarah!

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