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Welcome to the 400 Club!

Posts: 1610
It takes a lot to get Lon hot under the collar so if you get his Hackles up that's a good gauge that you overstepped the mark
Posts: 285
I will get there eventually. I'm not 14 anymore. Got a job to go to. Can't just sit around on this site all the time like some hint, hint. Linkin, if you're still here after you read this, you were a good sport and can now be my friend lol

Bassguy1, you are going to be welcomed into the 500 club that is for sure
Yeah you have a way to go Bassguy1 but you'll get there & I for one will be cheering you on.
Bassguy1 for the 500!!!!
Thanks guys. I got this like a fat kid has cake.
Enjoy the cake!
Are you calling Bassguy fat?
No cake for Bassguy1 till he hits that 500th post!
Posts: 285
Yeah hide the cake everyone! Bassguy get posting!

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