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Welcome to the 400 Club!

bass freak
Posts: 305
12 months ago
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Congratulations to Bassguy1 & linkinpark232 for contributing over 400 posts! Sid as we know flew past that point Months ago!
5 string guy
Posts: 720
Thank you bass freak. Hoping to make 500 by the end of the month. As long as people keep coming up with good threads, I'll keep posting
5 string guy
Posts: 720
You might have to welcome Johnny soon. He's at 383.
bass freak
Posts: 305
You are very welcome Bassguy1. There will always be good threads to contribute to so you hitting 500 will not be a problem.
bass freak
Posts: 305
And yes johnny is not far off joining you, I hope you welcome him in with open arms!
Posts: 246
Congrats to the dynamic duo for reaching planet 400! Long may the journey continue
Posts: 249
Another two people posting like crazy & reaching new heights in the posting table!
johnny [staff]
Posts: 748
getting close!
Yes johnny you are!
Posts: 124
400 posts quite an achievment, well done guys.
Posts: 1501
As long as I can find a good argument or a hilarious thread there will be more posts

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