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guilty pleasures

5 string guy
Posts: 710
It's great to have an eclectic taste in music. Variety is the spice of life!
Or the spice of Death………..
5 string guy
Posts: 710
Posts: 246
It's great to have an eclectic taste in music. Variety is the spice of life!

Always good to have some variety. I mean I love Metallica, but not 24/7, I need other musical inspirations to sustain me
5 string guy
Posts: 710
Well said mayhem. I agree 100%. My spice of death comment was only a mildly comical joke.
Posts: 400
We got your joke Bassguy1, always good to throw in some humour.
As mayhem said you need musical variety. As mayhem couldn't Metallica 24/7, I couldn't Soft Cell 24/7, there is just too much good music going around in the world to enjoy!
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 932
If you were to look at my music folder on my PC, or my CD colletion, or my vinyl collection, you'd see nothing but variety. My passion is alt-rock (particularly stuff from the mid-80s to the mid-90s) but I'll listen to anything which fits my own subjective definition of “good.” Death metal, Canto-Pop, grunge, bluegrass, blues, old school hip-hop, adult contemporary, reggae, disco, hair metal – as has already been said, life would be pretty damned boring without variety.
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As Lon said, as long as it sounds good to me, I'll listen to it. Oddly, it seems the older I get (currently late-40's), the wider the field of what “sounds good” becomes. And people say old folks are narrow-minded and set in their ways.
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I've been on planet earth for a number of years & listed to & experienced many kinds of music. Most of it good, some of it bad, but I wouldn't change a thing. Listening to & participating in music has been a total pleasure in my life & will never feel guilty about that.
bass freak
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Well said LP, can't argue with that.
There's no artist that I'm ashamed to listen to, but there are a couple that people will raise an eyebrow at. The biggest one probably being Selena Gomez. My “guilty pleasure” regarding her goes beyond listening to her music, which I do listen to. I think she's effing sexy. She's been the hottest girl in my book since 2009 when I first discovered her (thanks to my little sisters watching Disney). Btw, I'm 22, a couple months older than her. I will shamelessly admit that I have a crush on her. I know it probably sounds funny, and maybe a few of you are going to laugh at it, but no, I'm not ashamed to say that I listen to ANY of the artists I listen to, including Selena Gomez. Everyone is entitled to their own taste in music, regardless of how bad it may be to others.

And please, don't mention the Biebs. I hate that kid's guts; textbook douche bag.

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