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Simple Minds Bass Tabs

bass freak
Posts: 317
Funnily after I sent in the tab I went to try it out and have to say it doesn't sound right at all.
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Hey bass freak, perhaps you should consider asking Johnny to delete the bad tab. A database cluttered up with bad tabs (I was going to write ‘garbage’ ) doesn't help any of us. (I quit a job once on this issue, (a database, but not of tabs) so my feelings my be a bit extreme!)

Ideally, of course, BigBassTabs would be the one place where every tab was more correct than not.
Loving all the SM tabs added to the site. It seems the Sons and Fascination album has been tabbed in full, brilliant!
Posts: 124
Hey icehouse1 & bass freak! It was bizarre sending in the same tab as someone else. Pure coincidence!
Like bass freak I love this song & knew the original tab from the UG site. I've messed around with it for quite a while now & knew that the original tab didn't sound right to me.
It was a matter of finally getting it finished to how I thought it sounded & getting it submitted. Wish I could offer you a more spooky explanation but I can't!
I just hope mine is an improvement on the original tab!
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
DANNYBASSMAN93 here if you need help or revision with any tabs feel free to ask and I'll be up to the challenge
Posts: 255
I compared the 2 tabs bassm99 & yours sounds better as you have the 2 right chords in the song, the other version does not.
Posts: 124
Thanks icehouse1
bass freak
Posts: 317
Nice work with the Minds tabs bassm99.
Hey bassm99 if your still out there! Any more SM tabs on the way?
I heard Promisd You A Miracle on the Radio yesterday, what a bassline. Probably my favourite bassline along with Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel.

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