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Blondie Bass Tabs

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Hello to everybody. This topic is about discuss, requests and work together on blondie bass tabs.
Posts: 203
I have one request: What I Heard

I prefer this live version:

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Hy Mari, I like very much of Blondie.

I have other request: blondie heart of glass live version (the album version already exists tabs)

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWbcW-_Rpcg
Hey Mari7, I think What I Heard is built on a Bb-F-C-D progression. See if Bb (E6) to F (E1) to C (A3) to D (A5) works for the verse. This may work for the chorus as well, or maybe just the first half of the chorus.
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Sid, where have you been?
I checked. Perfect.
This is the part of the chorus, is not it?
The other parts are similar?
I think the Bb to D progression is the basis of the entire song: intro, verse, chorus…. I looked up a guitar chord tab for the song after I had posted my message above, and it shows the Bb-F-C-D repeated through the entire song.

There are probably some spots where the bassist introduces a little variety here and there - listen to see if this is true. If you do hear some other notes, try some common intervals (e.g. jump or drop a third, or a fifth, or a fourth, or an octave) to figure them out.

Oh, and I've been to London to see the Queen.
Hugorj, have you tried to figure out the live version of Heart of Glass by referencing the tab of the album version? The live version should be pretty similar to the album version.

The live version might be transposed to a different key to account for the effects of age and reduced vocal range but even so, the album version will be a good template, I would expect.
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I think there are differences between the arrangements of the album version and the live version today. But I need to play again the album version to reach a conclusion..

Currently I'm out of time during my free period because I'm working on two melodies of Duran Duran (Girl Panic! and Nice), so I'll let Blondie to the end
right - good luck on the other projects.
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You're right Sid The album version has the same notes as the live version. The arrangement that changes slightly
Does anyone know of a good tab of Fade Away and Radiate from the Parallel Lines album?

Thanks for any help. cheers

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