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Any more Soft Cell

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Yeah great to see Insecure Me tabbed Love it.
I forgot that the 12“ of …. SO had an additional bass part compared to the 7”. Nice to see it tabbed. I had fun playing along to it.
Posts: 461
I really like that extra part on the 12“ version of …. SO. I thought it was such a shame that it was never part of the standard 7” version. You've pretty much nailed most of the early Soft Cell bass parts bassm99, thanks.
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Thanks guys! It's good to tab some Soft Cell again.
i only like a select few soft cell songs. but overall they are good
Fantastic band, love them lots Tainted Love, Bedsitter, Say Hello Wave Goodbye all gems!
And so many more gems that could be mentioned We have bassm99 to thank for all the bass tabs that are on site. You should go & check them out.
TORCH!!! Before bassm99 there were no Soft Cell bass tabs on the net. It's been a real joy to see them in here & on UG. It's been a while since this thread was in use. Welcome back!

It all started with this! Where the Soft Cell history began! Mutant Moments EP 1980
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