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Requested tabs: Cattle Call, Shotgun

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These songs appeared in the list of requested bass tabs. I wanted to let the persons who requested them know that they are on my list of songs to tab. It will be several weeks before I can get to them, but I will tab them eventually. Keep checking back!
TheDude [staff]
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sid, you are awesome.
Thanks for the compliment! If only it were true!

Arise Sir Sid, King of Tabs!!!!
Thanks Sid…Loving the Cattle Call bass walk.
Exciter, do you have a bass tab for Patsy Cline's Walkin' After Midnight? It's also a great walking bass tune.
Tab of Cattle Call submitted. Should appear in New Tabs in a few days.
I dont, but I Fall to Pieces is also a great bass line as well.
Thanks for all your help.

I've been working on Coca Cola Cowboy by Mel Tillis…great Beer drinking country! lol

Still loving my Metal music though!

Thanks again.

You're welcome.

If you figure out the bass lines to songs, such as Coca Cola Cowboy and I Fall to Pieces, you should consider tabbing them out and submitting them. One of the common complaints I see on bass tab sites is that folks looking for country music tabs can't find them. You could help fix that.

Is there a software that you use to incert the tabs? I do know Fall to Pieces. I'm still trying to figure Coco Cola Cowboy out.

Being I'm a beginner…not sure if folks want to follow my lead…lol

There was a thread here that suggested software for tabbing, but it was not free and the forum at the site featured a lot of gripping about the fellow behind the software. I chose not to try it. However, others on this site (jakecwb) use it and like it. (You can find the thread in the forum - where is all the 80's Australian music.) And there is other tabbing software as well.

What I do is use a word processor (Open Office or Word) to make tabs. Here's some info from an earlier posting responding to a question about using Open Office to make tabs:

I use OpenOffice to make my tabs, and have templates I have set up for 4- and 5-string bass, in both 8th and 16th note versions. I tried pasting one of them in this message, but formatting and characters get messed up. The easiest thing for you would probably be to go to a 'Reply to this thread' box and click on the bass clef (tabs) formatting button. That will get you this staff: Tabs: G|--------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------| Copy and paste that (minus the text in brackets) into a blank OpenOffice (or Word) document making sure you have the font set to Courier New at 10 point size. I like to break the staff into measures - it helps a lot with timing. For an 8th note template, I have eight dashes between vertical lines (| - above the shift key); sixteen dashes between the verticals for a 16th note template. I get 8 8th note measures across a page or 4 16th note measures. Once you have a full, across the page staff, paste half a dozen copies of it down your page, then save your template. Be sure to include a key to the symbols you use in your tabs on the template so folks can figure out what you mean by > or ~ or whatever. Have a look at tabs posted here to get an idea of what you want your template to include and look like.

I like to show measures (bars) in my tabs, as in sheet music. It helps me with the timing - each dash representing the duration of an 8th or 16th note. But many tabs just show the sequence of notes played one after the other. If you can tell the timing and can break the song into measures, great. If not, the string of successive notes is also great. Have a look at tabs you find helpful and use that in figuring out how you want to build your tabs.

I think any contribution you can make would be helpful. Not many country tabs out there it seems.

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